Blueprints is an explorative piece which asks if certain behaviours can be passed down through generations and if so, are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors?

Adam and Faith must examine these questions before starting a family together and do so by entering the “blueprints programme” – a system that can tell you everything that you’ve ever inherited but will they overcome their generational cycles in time to save their relationship?



Doubles brings bursts of colour to the streets in a collision of dance and ping pong. Watch as the dancers spin and slide in this playful pop-up performance that smashes expectations of dance and advocates the importance of safe, positive and accessible public spaces.

Inscribed in “Me”

Inscribed in “Me” is a visceral journey that explores the weight of personal, historical, and collective trauma through movement, voice and music.

Questioning the complex experiences of Black womxn, it bears witness to a continuous pursuit to find healing and self-authorship.

“I” as the creator presents “Me” to you all. “Me” which is made of multiple narratives, constructed of multiple perspectives, many of which “I” have not inscribed. So how do “I” find the tools for reinscription? Or do “I” make peace with the parts of “Me” I’d rather erase?

Duration: 50mins

Age Recommendation: 12+

Please note: This show contains themes of racial and personal trauma.

5 Children & It

5 Children & It

Based on the novel by E.Nesbit, Anthea and her brothers and sister live in a sleepy small northern town. She’s longing for a bit of adventure, but there’s nothing to do! Until one day, they make a strange discovery on Scarborough beach…

Join Anthea, as she tells her magical story through music, story-telling and puppetry. Sometimes the best adventure’s can happen on your own doorstep.

Developed with support from Arts Council England, York Theatre Royal, & in association with Explore, 5 Children & It is ready to tour to venues & theatres now, with their first performances being at Sheffield Theatres as part of their Together Season earlier this year.

Summer Camp for Broken People

Summer Camp for Broken People

Summer Camp For Broken People is a semi-autobiographical one-woman show that combines text, video and movement. It’s based on diary entries, letters and essays Emily wrote during her time at The Priory <a psychiatric hospital>.

‘After a violent sexual assault, a 40-something single mum thinks she’s ‘fine’ until an unexpected email sends her spiralling into a serious mental health crisis. During her hospitalisation the #MeToo movement hits and suddenly she faces a world of two halves – being believed and not being believed.’

As a single mum, with a long-term mental health disability, raising a child on Universal Credit, Emily’s voice is often overshadowed and underheard. However, her story is also every woman’s – every woman who’s crossed the road, put her keys between her fingers, found herself being extra polite, or was forced to catalogue a lifetime of experiences in the harsh light of #MeToo.

After a varied creative and corporate career, this Emily’s debut performance work, fuelled by the need to speak the unspeakable in an act of catharsis, protest & solidarity.

‘Summer Camp’ shines a light into the darkest of places, it makes you laugh and then punches you in the gut. This is a bold, brave show about how mental illness infects our lives, our capacity for pain and, ultimately, what it takes to put a shattered spirit back together.



So I took Pandora and the story of the box, and I made her a real life woman living in todays “Broken Britain”.

Pandora wanted the fairytale.

She wanted the prince and the castle and her “Happy ever after” because that’s what the books said that she’d get…her very own shiny piece of the pie.

She very nearly had it to be fair…

And it was just how they said it would be.

She had the prince and the castle and that happy ever after of hers was closing in so fast she could almost taste it…


But not quite…

Because you see there are no fairy-tales.

There never were.

They’re just myths, fabrications, figments of someone’s imagination…

A lie…if you will.

And so as everything unravels and begins to fall apart, she takes us down the rabbit hole, where fairy tales end and horror stories begin, as  piece by piece her life is dismantled, and she finds herself  thrown under the bus by the only two people she thought that she could trust.

A mix of autobiography and real life stories woven into fiction create this dark, “Un- fairy-tale”, as “Pandora” sets out to shine a spotlight on topics such as homelessness, poor mental health and emotional vulnerability leading to exploitation and sexual assault and explores the lengths that people go to in order to escape.

No Sweat

No Sweat

As the homelessness crisis continues to soar, a brand-new work uncovers the forgotten LGBTQ+ displaced youth finding solace in gay saunas.

Working together with a mix of young LGBTQ+ homeless and ex-homeless people in London, Vicky Moran has created a play that shines a light on a staggering 24% of the UK’s homeless youth population.

Combining lived experiences from some of the production’s cast and creatives, verbatim interview clips and an original score, No Sweat le voice to those underrepresented in theatre, and reveals the real stories of a portion of society at risk, finding temporary shelter despite a dearth of safe spaces.

Transforming the space into a steamy sauna, this in-your-face experience will immerse the audience in a carefully constructed set complete with locker rooms, toilets, towels and benches where they meet Tristan; made to feel like a monster whose toothbrush had to be kept a safe distance from his family’s, Charlie; a Pakistani Asylum seeker, fighting to prove his sexuality to gain citizenship, and Alf; whose Mummy loves him but God doesn’t, so he was left with only one option…to run.

In a world where stability is a second from slipping through your fingers, austerity combined with prejudice sees young people putting themselves at risk all too often. But they are just one pocket of the invisible homeless. How long can they battle against the system? No Sweat is an examination of friendship, family and the fight for recognition.

‘It’s unseen. No one’s telling the stories. You don’t see us on the streets because saunas and Grindr mean that gay men don’t have to be homeless in the traditional sense. It’s all hidden.’

‘This is a play of social justice, and deserves to take its place amongst the innovative creations on the stage of modern activism’

Voice Mag

Missing Link Yorkshire

Missing Link Arts was founded in 2020 and is a non- profit arts organisation aiming to bridge the gap between aspiring actors from underrepresented backgrounds and the industry. 

The first phase of our mission is our Website:  a place to go for people who want to get into acting and don’t know where to start.

There is information on:

  • All UK Drama Schools partnered with the Federation of Drama Schools.  These are listed in alphabetical order and include details such as how to apply, how much it costs, if audition fee waivers are available, information for disabled applicants and much more.  It felt important for us to provide a resource for prospective applicants where all of this information was in one place.
  • Self Taping For Drama School Auditions. Tips from working actors and drama school audition panels for those who don’t have any experience of self-taping.
  • Acting Groups in Yorkshire and London. These are divided into North, South, East & West.  We only add groups that have been recommended to us, and we detail who can join, how to join and the cost.  We prioritise groups that are affordable.
  • Initiatives and Online Opportunities. Information on online schemes/sessions.

We are now in the process of planning our Pilot Project, which will run in the Autumn and be aimed at aspiring actors from underrepresented backgrounds in West Yorkshire.


It’s 1973 and the Supreme Court has just decided Roe v Wade, legalising abortion in the America, but it’s too late for Minta, who finds herself in a home for unwed mothers in rural Tennessee. Minta’s roommate Jackie is like no one she’s ever known before. Through a series of time bending memories, Minta discovers who Jackie really is and what that ultimately  means for her.

Minta is Julie Stirman’s first full length play with a folk Americana music score by Robert James Aitken.

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