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A multidisciplinary creative agency that develops the potential in independent artists, producers & projects.

We’re The REcreate Agency, a people-powered creative agency that enables producers and artists to express the best version of themselves and their ideas. Founded in 2020 by independent producers Reece McMahon and Emily Beecher, REcreate exists to facilitate freelance artists to not only make work but to think about what they need to make their best work. With over 22 years combined experience  working as freelancers, in organisations, institutions and in commercial and subsidised settings, we support artists to rethink their approach to creation and value their own artistic development and self-care as much as the projects they work so hard to develop.  

REcreate is led and managed by Reece & Emily, both of whom are artists and producers in their own right with direct connections to the UK’s most prolific cultural organisations. We develop projects with people at the centre of them, generating and investing in opportunities that allow artists and producers to take risks, grow and learn ‘on-the-job’. 

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that working as a freelancer can be isolating and lonely. As we begin to reimagine the future of creation, we should encourage and celebrate independence, but not at the cost of being alone and divided. REcreate enables artists, and particularly producers, to explore their independence whilst feeling supported and a part of something bigger. 

We want to be at the forefront of cultural change, and change the culture of how we share, talk and think about making work together. We produce, mentor, manage, collaborate, develop, inspire and create. But we’re not alone, and we can’t do it all – we want you to join us! This is just the start, to find out more, you can read about us and our values here.

REcreate Agency - Emily Beecher, Reece McMahon

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Read about our latest ventures and hear some insights from the artists and producers we work with.

Some news from REcreate’s founders Emily and Reece…

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Take a look at some of the things people have said about us! We’re proud to work closely with a variety of different people in many ways.

  • Throughout the development of new play FAKE MELANIA Reece has been a shining example of the kind of producer a director wants by their side. I’m often struck by Reece’s ability to calmly problem solve whilst consistently facilitating each part of the production development process. Through a measured and detailed approach Reece ensures that every practical element is taken care of, expertly creating space for artistry and creativity.

    – Hannah Joss, Director

  • Emily and Reece have been an incredible support for my first ACE Bid and its resubmission. They coached me, asked questions that helped pull out what ACE need to hear to trust my project. They helped me frame it in a language I’d never be able to write myself while always making me feel like my project was of artistic merit and conceptually strong. I can’t recommend them more highly for both encouraging me as an artist, believing in my work and making me feel confident about a process I’ve always been scared of. They made the application process seem surmountable and made it clear what I needed to have in place for each section. They broke down a mammoth task into enjoyable, doable steps and I cant wait to work with them again. A healthy dose of real-talk, while keeping the blue skies blue, Emily, I love you!! 

    – Radhika Aggarwal, Actor/Maker

  • When starting out as a producer one of the most initiating things is bid writing. Thankfully, Reece’s support has helped my confidence in this area develop massively! When speaking with him about projects, he is enthusiastic, asks questions that allow you to grow the project and to be specific about its audience and the ‘why’. The notes he gives on the actual drafts of the bid are encouraging, detailed and very specific allowing the re-drafting process to be easier. Always friendly, supportive, and willing to give you his time.

    10/10. Would go to him for support again.

    – Joanna Morley, Producer

  • Reece was supportive, imaginative and positive when producing the early stages of my outdoor dance performance Doubles. He had the knowledge to identify problems before they happened and was efficient at spreading the word about the work. Reece’s producing work propelled Doubles from 4 shows a year in 2017 to 32 shows in 2019 including international dates. I would highly recommend Reece. He will energetically invest in the core aims of your work whilst being sensitive to the project’s needs and aims.

    – Joe Garbett, Choreographer

  • Emily has a gift for seeing into the heart of story structure.

    Jennifer Maher, Literary Creative Executive, Los Angeles

  • Emily and Reece lead with kindness and light in a way I’m yet to experience anywhere else within this industry. Strong but loving, they nurture and guide whilst giving honest feedback on your work. My growth as an artist has been largely down to their encouragement and teaching and I am forever grateful.

    – Jade Samuels, Actor/Producer

  • Reece & Emily are everything a producer should be. Confident but humble, generous but practical, optimistic but honest. Above all, they genuinely care about getting important theatre made, and have the attitude and exudes the faith that it can get made.

    – Nell Hardy, Actor

  • I found out today that I was successful in my application for DYCP funding! Had I not come across Emily there is no way that what I had written would have got me past the line. Arts council applications are extremely intimidating however Emily has a way of turning complexity into simplicity.  Her direction was crystal clear and so we got to where we needed to be quickly and pain free. Not only did I get the funding but I have learnt a new life skill.

    – Red Isaac

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