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Inscribed in “Me”

Inscribed in “Me”

Inscribed in “Me” is a visceral journey that explores the weight of personal, historical, and collective trauma through movement, voice and music.

Questioning the complex experiences of Black womxn, it bears witness to a continuous pursuit to find healing and self-authorship.

“I” as the creator presents “Me” to you all. “Me” which is made of multiple narratives, constructed of multiple perspectives, many of which “I” have not inscribed. So how do “I” find the tools for reinscription? Or do “I” make peace with the parts of “Me” I’d rather erase?

Duration: 50mins

Age Recommendation: 12+

Please note: This show contains themes of racial and personal trauma.

Supported by Arts Council England

Workshop for Professional and Advanced Level Dancers | Thu 7 Apr, 10.30am – 3pm

Choreographer and performer Alethia Antonia leads a highly physical workshop for professional and advanced level dancers, that will explore her movement practice and repertoire from her new solo work Inscribed in “Me” .

Workshop: £30 for full day

Save 20% when you buy a ticket for Alethia Antonia’s show Inscribed in “Me” (Sat 9 Apr, 7.30pm) and the workshop in one transaction. Use the promocode AA22 when prompted, discount automatically applied at checkout.

Click HERE to find out more.

Dates / Venues

Date: Sat 9 April 2022 – 7.30pm
Venue: The Place
£17 / £13 concs


Choreographer & Performer: Alethia Antonia
Co-Composers: Akeim Toussaint Buck, Mikel Ameen and Alethia Antonia
Rehearsal Director: Sade Alleyne
Voice Coach: Emma Bonnici
Lighting Designer: Ali Hunter
Costume Design: Elena Milani
Prop Design: T.Davis Re-Claimed
Hair Design: Jose Rodriguez
Photography: Sanaa Abstrakt

Videography: Marie Boateng and Sanaa Abstrakt
Producers: Reece McMahon & Emily Beecher, The REcreate Agency
Mentors: Sharon Watson MBE and Janet Smith MBE

Commissioned by: The Place
Produced by: The REcreate Agency
Project is supported by: The Place, NSCD, Dance4, Yorkshire Dance.

Alethia Antonia Inscribed In Me
Alethia Antonia Inscribed In Me
Alethia Antonia Inscribed In Me
Alethia Antonia Inscribed In Me
Alethia Antonia Inscribed In Me
Alethia Antonia Inscribed In Me