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BLUEPRINTS, a new show about beginnings, knowledge, and ancestral inheritance follows Adam & Faith, a black Caribbean couple who undergo a blueprints experiment to learn what behaviour/trauma/mindsets they’ve inherited from their ancestors. With this new info, we watch the couple decide if it’s morally right to have a child or if there’s a way to break free from cyclical fates, this afrofuturistic play asks if we’re physically able to choose our own destinies or if we can stop generational cycles that no longer serve us.

Are you destined to repeat ancestral patterns forever?

If you could know the entire history of your bloodline, and everything you’re passing on to your children, would you want to know? Welcome to the Blueprints programme, where we can protect you from the past because, after all, knowledge is power. Right?

Dates / Venues

17th – 28th August – Beneath, Pleasance Courtyard


Writer, Performer: Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo

Director Jack McMahon