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ZIGAHZIGAH is a show about communal joy, friendship, and Spice Girls. Inspired by interviews with hardcore Spice Girls fans, and a life of being one myself, the show will follow a group of friends who reunite to see their favourite band, and it will ask the age-old questions ‘What actually is Girl Power? And why do we still love Spice Girls so much?’

In 2019 I saw Spice Girls with my best-friend-from-primary-school. It was the most theatrical experience I’ve ever attended. A mass of mostly women took over Manchester. You could hear the bellows of Girl Power across the city. I scribbled loads of drunken phone notes about female power, rage, and dancing and vowed to make a play about it.

The story follows 5 friends as they get ready to reunite for their third trip to see their favourite band. Will their wounds be healed by full-velocity commercial pop power? They’ll try, but things aren’t as simple as their primary school days.

There will be dancing, singing, laughing, crying and probably quite a lot of those light up sparkly stick things that you wave in the air. Oh, and Girl Power. Loads of that.

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Writer, Performer: Anna Spearpoint