Summer Camp for Broken People

Summer Camp for Broken People

Summer Camp For Broken People is a semi-autobiographical one-woman show that combines text, video and movement. It’s based on diary entries, letters and essays Emily wrote during her time at The Priory <a psychiatric hospital>.

‘After a violent sexual assault, a 40-something single mum thinks she’s ‘fine’ until an unexpected email sends her spiralling into a serious mental health crisis. During her hospitalisation the #MeToo movement hits and suddenly she faces a world of two halves – being believed and not being believed.’

As a single mum, with a long-term mental health disability, raising a child on Universal Credit, Emily’s voice is often overshadowed and underheard. However, her story is also every woman’s – every woman who’s crossed the road, put her keys between her fingers, found herself being extra polite, or was forced to catalogue a lifetime of experiences in the harsh light of #MeToo.

After a varied creative and corporate career, this Emily’s debut performance work, fuelled by the need to speak the unspeakable in an act of catharsis, protest & solidarity.

‘Summer Camp’ shines a light into the darkest of places, it makes you laugh and then punches you in the gut. This is a bold, brave show about how mental illness infects our lives, our capacity for pain and, ultimately, what it takes to put a shattered spirit back together.

SUMMER CAMP FOR BROKEN PEOPLE is proudly supported by Arts Council England.

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Writer/Performer – Emily Beecher

Director – Christa Harris

Movement Director – Christina Fulcher

Music Supervisor – Verity Quade

Associate Producer – Beth Sitek

Wellbeing Coordinator – Ryan Passey

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