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Some news from REcreate’s founders Emily and Reece…

by Reece McMahon & Emily Beecher


Emily and Reece here – founders of REcreate. In January 2024, REcreate will turn 3 years old (wow!). When we set out on this adventure, we don’t think we quite knew what to expect, but how lucky we have been!

We had the idea to set up REcreate back in 2020 during the pandemic, after meeting on China Plate’s ‘The Optimists’ producing course. Throughout the pandemic we worked side by side as indie producers to support as many artists as we could and realised that by working together, we could achieve more than we ever could alone. And what a time we have had.

We’re so incredibly proud that in under three years, we’ve worked with over 550 creatives, 1300 participants, on 30 projects and have raised over £1,000,000 for artists to make those projects happen. We’ve worked across dance, theatre, musicals, outdoor arts, and live art touring to numerous partners and venues alongside developing and running two artist development schemes. We’ve particularly supported artists who are marginalised in some way, recognising the barriers they’ve faced to get through the door already and acknowledging that to stay in the sector requires continued, bespoke support. We’ve mentored them on their own projects, paid them for their work with us, and so far, we’ve been a launchpad for five early-career producers.

After a particularly busy year with many achievements, including an incredibly successful Edinburgh Fringe season of three shows, we have taken some time post-summer to reflect on where we are at and where we are going – both individually and as a company.

As well as co-running REcreate, we’ve both being actively developing our independent practices too – something which we know has always informed and added immense value to the work we do at REcreate. From REcreate’s formation Reece has worked as Producer at New Diorama Theatre, and in Summer last year took up a new role as Executive Director at Chisenhale Dance Space. In addition to her producing role Emily has worked as a dramaturg and story consultant on numerous projects in and out REcreate, as well premiering her first solo show ‘Summer Camp for Broken People’ and delivering the world premiere and tour of Good Enough Mums Club, the musical she’s been developing for the past 10 years, all alongside being a single parent to a teenager.

This period has given both of us the necessary time and clarity needed to properly reflect on the individual journeys we’ve been on as producers, leaders, and creatives.

Reece has made the decision to move on from REcreate to begin new adventures and focus more of his energy on his role at Chisenhale, supporting dance artists to develop their practice and careers and developing his own practice in cultural leadership – he will be leaving officially at the end of 2023.  

Emily will be taking a long overdue break and, with Reece’s support, will be focused on facilitating this transition and beginning to shape the next chapter of REcreate.

Both of us will be taking some time to rest and re-focus on what we want to bring to our careers and work after these three brilliant years working as a team and growing as people and creatives. We don’t know exactly what the future holds but we know we’re incredibly grateful for our time together and the amazing work we’ve had the honor of creating.

So, we’ll be going quiet for a little bit – but we look forward to RE-connecting in the new year.


Emily and Reece x