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Radhika Aggarwal

Emily and Reece have been an incredible support for my first ACE Bid and its resubmission. They coached me, asked questions that helped pull out what ACE need to hear to trust my project. They helped me frame it in a language I’d never be able to write myself while always making me feel like my project was of artistic merit and conceptually strong. I can’t recommend them more highly for both encouraging me as an artist, believing in my work and making me feel confident about a process I’ve always been scared of. They made the application process seem surmountable and made it clear what I needed to have in place for each section. They broke down a mammoth task into enjoyable, doable steps and I cant wait to work with them again. A healthy dose of real-talk, while keeping the blue skies blue, Emily, I love you!! 

– Radhika Aggarwal, Actor/Maker

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