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No Sweat

No Sweat

As the homelessness crisis continues to soar, a brand-new work uncovers the forgotten LGBTQ+ displaced youth finding solace in gay saunas.

Working together with a mix of young LGBTQ+ homeless and ex-homeless people in London, Vicky Moran has created a play that shines a light on a staggering 24% of the UK’s homeless youth population.

Combining lived experiences from some of the production’s cast and creatives, verbatim interview clips and an original score, No Sweat le voice to those underrepresented in theatre, and reveals the real stories of a portion of society at risk, finding temporary shelter despite a dearth of safe spaces.

Transforming the space into a steamy sauna, this in-your-face experience will immerse the audience in a carefully constructed set complete with locker rooms, toilets, towels and benches where they meet Tristan; made to feel like a monster whose toothbrush had to be kept a safe distance from his family’s, Charlie; a Pakistani Asylum seeker, fighting to prove his sexuality to gain citizenship, and Alf; whose Mummy loves him but God doesn’t, so he was left with only one option…to run.

In a world where stability is a second from slipping through your fingers, austerity combined with prejudice sees young people putting themselves at risk all too often. But they are just one pocket of the invisible homeless. How long can they battle against the system? No Sweat is an examination of friendship, family and the fight for recognition.

‘It’s unseen. No one’s telling the stories. You don’t see us on the streets because saunas and Grindr mean that gay men don’t have to be homeless in the traditional sense. It’s all hidden.’

‘This is a play of social justice, and deserves to take its place amongst the innovative creations on the stage of modern activism’

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Writer / Director: Vicky Moran

Associate Writer: Lara Costello

Designer: Alex Berry

Sound Designer: James Ratcliffe

LX Design / Production Manager: Tanya Stepheson

Movement Director: Temujin Gill

Assistant Director: Alistair Wilkinson

Cast: Denholm Spurr, James Haymer, Manish Gandhi