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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

Below you can find out a bit more about each of our Edinburgh shows and book your tickets!

Summer Camp for Broken People

by Emily Beecher

2nd – 27th August – Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall

Summer Camp for Broken People is a bold and brave manifesto about losing your mind and finding yourself.

Emily’s life has fallen apart. She thinks her therapist is a dick and is cataloguing all the therapies she’s tried. She takes her Xanax with whisky. She’s navigating her life as she moves between home, where she’s a single mum to her 8-year-old daughter, and her time as a day patient at a psychiatric hospital. But she is trying to piece herself back together. She is taking back control.

This autobiographical one-woman show, based on the author’s writings from her time as an inpatient at the Priory after a sexual assault, is an empowering memoir about how mental illness infects our lives and what it takes to fix a shattered spirit.

Image: Guy J Sanders
Summer Camp For Broken People Trailer – Chewboy Productions

I Love You Now What Trailer – Chewboy Productions

I Love You, Now What?

by Sophie Craig

2nd – 28th August – Beside, Pleasance Courtyard

Can love survive when someone dies?

‘No bastard ever warned me that your love life goes down the shitter when someone dies.’

This brilliantly funny, heart-warming and raw debut play by actor and comedian Sophie Craig, examines a beautifully ugly story about grief and love’s place within it.

I Love You, Now What? opens a window into Ava and Theo’s lives, following the diagnosis and loss of her father, causing her world to come tumbling down.


by Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo

17th – 28th August – Beneath, Pleasance Courtyard

Are you destined to repeat ancestral patterns forever?

If you could know the entire history of your bloodline, and everything you’re passing on to your children, would you want to know?

Adam and Faith do.

Welcome to the Blueprints programme, where we can protect you from the past because, after all, knowledge is power. Right?

Blueprints Trailer – Chewboy Productions