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BLACKLIST / Figleaf is a dance double bill that reveals the vulnerability and openness that the medium of Krump entails. Its atmosphere is reminiscent of street culture, tapping into Josh’s personal archive and exploring themes of vulnerability, brotherhood and masculinity in British society.

BLACKLIST is a high energy piece, delving into themes of brotherhood, isolation and friendship. An exploration into the internal and external struggles of two entities vying for survival, but also self-expression – which in many ways is a mode of survival in itself. BLACKLIST is a piece steeped in interplay and contrast.

Fig Leaf explores toxic masculinity in British people, opening the debate around where true masculinity and strength lies. Reflective of society, it showcases the relationship between two men whose feelings swing back and forth between love and support, to anger and aggression. Should they trust their tough exterior or vulnerable interior?

BLACKLIST / Figleaf is currently touring as part of the Rural Touring Dance Initiative and is funded by RTDI and Arts Council England.

Creation supported by Arts Council England, Artists 4 Artists
Photo of BLACKLIST & Fig Leaf by: Tangle Photography

Dates / Venues



Choreographer/Artistic Director – Joshua Nash

Dancer – Jordan Thomas

Dancer – Shangomola Edunjobi

Dancer – Joshua Nash

Lighting designer – Antony Hateley

Producer – Christina Dionysopoulou